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The history of MGB began more than 30 years ago with a small workshop fabricating anti-theft window grids.

Soon after, the company moved to Sainte-Julienne to specialize in industrial ventilation. From its beginning, MGB always made a point of designing and manufacturing equipment that meet the requirements of the most stringent industry standards, such as for example those of the SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association)

Over the years, the company's reputation grew and large companies like Krüger, Bridgestone and others have contracted MGB for turnkey projects. It goes to say that MGB holds all certifications required for the realization of these projects.

Parallel to the realization of turnkey industrial ventilation projects, MGB has developed a second expertise in solving problems in the field of industrial dust control. Industrial filtration is a complex field that is governed by several standards and codes because the health of workers depends on them. MGB made a point to be always at the forefront of the industry in this area.

The know-how accumulated over the years helped MGB to develop a unique expertise to control dust at the source. Source capture has several advantages. Firstly this means a better quality of air for workers. Secondly, with capture at the source we can reduce the dust collector size because the ventilation needs are reduced. In fact, source capture allows an exponential reduction in the size of the system. Needless to say that this has a major impact on purchase and operation costs.

MGB dust collectors systems are engineered in accordance with the strict standards of the ACGIH (American Conference of Industrial Hygienists). These standards establish the rules for designing safe and state of the art dust collection systems. With this in mind, MGB manufactured many separation systems, pneumatic transport systems, dust collectors, push-pull and much more... always with the philosophy of delivering complete turnkey projects.

MGB also helped several companies to develop their own products. For example, Kraemer Tool & Manufacturing Company appealed to MGB to manage a manufacturing plant in Cobourg. MGB developed the shop drawings to produce various models of dust collectors under the just in time philosophy. Other companies like AQT Air Water Control (Quebec) have used the services of MGB to develop specific products and solve problems on their own systems as needed.

Today, MGB carries out projects according to customer's specific requests. For example, at Evraz in Regina, MGB has worked in collaboration with the people of the company to carry out a project that took into account their own expertise, the knowledge they have of their product and their existing equipment, all that without adversely affecting their production.

The secret to carry out projects that work, it is to be early in the project, listening to the customer and working in collaboration with all stakeholders, operators and mechanics of the company.

MGB manufactures and installs dust collectors for more than 25 years. You can give us your confidence, like these clients (references available):

1 - Fordia: Design and installation of a dust collection system in the field of carbon black. Design of a custom sensor on a high performance milling high machine.

2 - Bridgestone-Firestone: Supply and installation of various ventilation equipment

3 - Kronos Canada: Supply and installation of industrial ventilation systems on several projects.

4-  St-Romuald Milling: Design and supply of a 60,000 cfm dust collection system.

5 - Norampac Cardboard Factory:  Design, supply and installation of multiple source capture systems including a 60,000 cfm dust collector at Victoriaville.

6 - Aubin Solution: Design, supply and installation of a sensor (hood) specially adapted to capture paper trims at Fornica.

7 - Unical Glass: Installation of a dust collector system at Brampton, Ontario for the recuperation of glass coming from all kinds of bottle

8 - Permacon: Design and installation of a ventilation system.

9 - Timcal Canada: Installation of an industrial compressor cooling system.

10- Commission scolaire des Affluents: Maintenance services, installation, design, troubleshooting.

11 - ABB Canada: Very big heat recovery project for Abitibi-Consolited Inc. at Grand Mere, Quebec. Installation of four big wet collectors of about 40,000 cfm each, fans and a heat exchanger on the L-10 machine.

12 - Concert Fabrication: Design, supply and installation of a recovery system for continuous fabric trims. Design of a venturi and multi-cyclones.

13 - Industry Maillot: Installation of a heat recovery system for a steel cylinder dipping process.

14 -  Roll Canada: At Cornwall Ontario, design, supply and installation of an automatic dispenser for black carbon and gray for the manufacture of various rubbers (four different workstations towards a first balance).  An automatic chemical dosing system for product mixes. (eight workstations to a second balance). A dust collection system and a ventilation system for the mixer.

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