Dust Collectors

Wet Scrubbers
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Industrial Ventilation

We Deliver and Install Everywhere (Almost)!

Wet ScrubbersOur Installation Team can deliver and install our dust collectors and other ventilation equipment almost anywhere in the world. 

We Reduce Your Downtime!

At MGB FAB, we pay very special attention to the planning of your project so as to deliver the fastest installation possible on the site. Our secret? We prefabricate all the components for an accelerated mounting of joints, pipes, equipment, etc. on-site. Everything is made to connect easily and bolt quickly, so by reducing the installation time you win on three points:


  • Less Production Downtime
  • Less Risk of Accidents
  • Less Problems with Workplace Safety Organisms (as the CSST in Quebec)


Contact Us today for advice, a study or a detailed quote. We will design the dust collector that best suits you needs meridia 15mg online . Guaranteed!

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