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Case History: The Wet Scrubber of Evraz North America (Regina, Canada). 

EVRAZ is a leading steel manufacturer that produces more than five million tons per year, including flat, long, and tubular products. For this client, MGB FAB has developed a wet scrubber specifically designed to address the pollution problem caused by the roll grinding machine.

Wet Scrubbers

The Problem of the Client

At Evraz, there were many attempts to capture the vapors of the cooling liquid, and it always ended in fish tail. This is where MGB FAB intervened. As a specialist in industrial ventilation, the capture at the source remains one of our greatest objectives, while always taking into account the limits of the operations.

We received an initial mandate to design a new system. This required getting specific information from the managers and operators of the plant. This is the only way to proceed in order to implement a viable project. Our specialty is manufacturing filtration units according to the needs of the client, not to push a standard product simply to harvest average and sometimes disastrous results. 

Wet Scrubbers

How this contractor was able to convince Evraz that this system would solve the problem?

It should be noted that the client's project director often plays his job by trusting an outside suppliers. Some contractors are very good at marketing, but they are not always able to adapt their product to successfully fit each individual situation. As MGB FAB offers turnkey projects, we stand by our products and services, with the promise to provide personalized service that our clients can count on.

The Solution Proposed by MGB FAB

We analyzed the problem for both the capture of contaminants and the operation of the plant, and recognized that we had to invent a system that would not adversely affect the changes of the grinder rolls.

It should be noted that when the grinder machine is new there are fewer contaminants, but over the years oil vapor fumes inevitably mix with a cloud of steel dust, which creates a particularly harmful environment that can endanger the health of your employees. It is very difficult to capture and treat these pollutants because the top of the machine must remain freely accessible in order to install the new rolls with a crane when necessary.

In addition, these contaminants harm the entire mechanism of the machine, so it must be cleaned constantly. By capturing the majority of these pollutants we can eliminate the ferrous dust buildup which becomes abrasive. 

After the implementation of our wet scrubber, the EVRAZ factory was a lot cleaner. The type of contaminant that we had to capture was spreading throughout the plant, causing a multitude of maintenance problems. But thanks to MGB FAB, this infamous cloud of contaminants has disappeared.


Wet Scrubbers
The end result was a perfect capture of the pollutants without interfering with production.

The Fruits of Successes

Following the positive results of our wet scrubber, the client gave us two other challenges. 

These two challenges were to capture the vapors of welding and cooling liquid on the production line without hindering its regular operation and maintenance.

Here, the final project works perfectly and does not interfere with the loading operations changing the abrasive wheels of the rollers. In addition, you will see that the operator is protected with a push-pull system. It is essential to have a clear vision of the project’s constraints beforehand.





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