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Our maintenance service is now available throughout Quebec!

  • Maintenance of Filtration Units of All Types
  • Change of Filters
  • Leak Detection
  • Detection and Solution of Problems
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Updating to the Latest Standards

Work with a Reliable and Competent Partner!

Wet Scrubbers

Each client is unique, so MGB FAB offers solutions based on your specific needs. Always keeping your production constraints in mind, our professionals will travel on-site to evaluate and respond to your needs without disrupting your production.

Improve the Performance of Your Filtration Equipment

Boost the performance of your filters by increasing airflow while decreasing the size of small particles passing through your filters! Our specialized leak detection products will quickly locate the losses in your dust collection systems.

Decrease the Production Stops Due to Mechanical Failures

Thanks to our maintenance program, compliance issues will be a thing of the past. Your dust collection equipment will provide optimal performance day after day. Preventive maintenance is profitable!

Assure Your Employees a Sound and Safe Environment

We must admit that environmental standards are becoming increasingly complex. That’s why we remain up-to-date on the latest government requirements so that you don’t have to worry about shutdowns for non-compliance. Remember, this is our specialty! 

Foresee Potential System Failures Before They Cost You Valuable Production Time and Money

We know that each industry has special needs. That is why our maintenance programs are studied and individually tailored to fit your requirements and production constraints. We will work with you in a proactive way in order to satisfy all of your needs.

During service inspections, our technicians will provide you with written documentation regarding the status of your systems. This will enable you to predict the next steps to take in order to maintain your system.

Is This the Time to Contact Us For a Quote?

Yes, it is the right time! We will gladly provide you with a quote for the maintenance of your filtration systems. Just complete the form below and we will get back to you shortly.


Contact Us today for advice, a study or a detailed quote. We will keep your filtration equipment in perfect order canada generic. Guaranteed!



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